ProjectWise Consulting

ProjectWise from Bentley Systems is engineering document management system (eDMS) design for the AEC market.  Duke Systems are the only independent West Coast ProjectWise consultant, we are able to assist you with all of your ProjectWise requirements, from a simple system health check to a full global deployment, implementation and training campaign.

At Duke Systems we understand that deploying ProjectWise into your business requires a major commitment of your time and money, and you need to see the rewards for your effort.  We are able to assist and guide you through every step of the process with our unique consultative approach.  We will either work with Bentley Systems or independently to build the collaboration platform that you require.

We believe very strongly in reality based solutions, we will never try and implement a systems or processes that has a negative impact on your business.  There must always be a balance between the theoretical and the practical, our implementations continuously seek to strike that balance using the best practices in document management, counterbalanced with what is actually possible in a real world design office.

  • Scoping studies
  • System architecture
  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Training
  • Change management

Scoping studies.

Whether it is for a small organization with a couple of offices that need to collaborate, maybe between the east and west coast, or maybe a custom standalone installation for a new project we can assist you to bring together the resources.  Or maybe your business has expanded across national borders and you know want to leverage the skills and resources you have in other countries.

We can assist by working with you to develop an understanding of your requirements

Significant experience in the following ProjectWise deployment scenarios.

  • Global rollouts across multiple countries and continents.  Linking offices into one integrated ProjectWise platform.
  • Project specific implementations for one off projects
  • On-site or cloud based hosting or both

System Architecture.

Whether your proposed ProjectWise platform is a small scale, one or two server implementation upto a typical global platform with over a dozen or more servers with Network load balancing and the whole suite of options, we can specify and design the solution to suit your needs.  We are also able to assist remote access solutions such as gateways, and web servers to bring entre project teams into your system.


We are able to help and guide you with every step of your implementation process.  We will work with you to develop a project plan that meets your requirements and timeline.  We will work with your vendors to ensure that all parts of the system are available when required.

A proper ProjectWise implementation requires that we have a full understanding of your business requirements and also that you understand the full capabilities available to the system that you are implementing.  We can specifically help you through this process to understand the following:

Document metadata.

Whether you want just the drawing title block metadata managed in ProjectWise, or a more complex data rich progress tracking set of data then we can assist with defining and implementing the ideal solution for you.


ProjectWise workflows enable the business to manage the lifecycle of any document from creation to consumption.  We will assist you in designing and implementing a workflow that suits how your business works.  Using the latest ProjectWise rules engine we can customize this workflow to suit your needs.

Security and Access.

Security in ProjectWise can be incredibly complicated for even the most experienced user to understand.  The challenge for any organization is finding the balance between security requirements and not getting in the way of the project teams as they deliver your project.  We will help you find that balance by talking to the teams and understanding your existing business processes we will tailor an access model that is right for you.

Document numbering.

A document number tells a story, not just to your team but to the ultimate end user of your documents.  Embedding the right amount of information into the number is important for all users of your documents, and also specifically for ProjectWise itself.  The data embedded into the document number can be used for to drive processes and searches in the system and leveraged in every step of the process.

Application integration.

Integration of your applications into ProjectWise is vital to ensure the currency of your documents.  From basic platform products like AutoCAD, Microstation or Microsoft Office through to complex vertical products such as InRoads, MX, OpenROADS, OpenPLANT or Civil 3D, we can help you set up the system and document the workflows that are required.

Revit integration and work-sharing particularly across a WAN can be hugely difficult and frustrating due to the large file sizes typically associated with Revit projects.  Implementation therefore requires careful planning and one-one work with the Revit teams to ensure that the unique process requirements of WAN based work-sharing are appreciated and adhered to.


Duke Systems are able to offer support contracts to help ensure that if something does go wrong with the system that you have a trusted partner you can call to rectify the system and get production moving again.


Training in ProjectWise is the biggest key to success of the implementation.  Having users that understand what they are doing, and why will makes the whole system more efficient and reduce losses due to errors.  We can provide in-house training for your users using either your existing material, or material that we develop in hand with you based on your ProjectWise implementation.  Training can be structured to different levels of experience or access such as:

  • Standard user
  • Power/Super user
  • Administrator

Change Management.

Implementing any new system into a business is a difficult process, some users will embrace the change, and others will feel threatened and push back.  Successfully navigating this and bringing people together is vitally important to ensure a successful implementation.  We will work with you to understand the groups of users affected by this implementation and the size of this impact, we will then help you tailor your communication strategy so that each group of users is brought along on the journey as active and willing participants.