CADrenalin AutoCAD Plot Server

CADrenalin plot server is a new fast solution to overcome plotting bottlenecks in the drawing production process.

We think the CADrenalin AutoCAD Plot Server is the fastest way to generate plots on the market.  In our in-house tests we generated 500 A1 plots (PDFs) of mechanical, structural and electrical drawings in five minutes on a single Dell T3500.  If your business generates plots and you have deadlines, then you need the CADrenalin Plot Server.

The CADrenalin AutoCAD Plot Server integrates into the CADrenalin system, or will function as a stand alone application.  You can it on your own PC, but we strongly recommend setting it up on a spare machine in your office.

The CADrenalin Plot Server is the fastest AutoCAD plotting system on the market. Utilizing all the performance potential of your computer to plot up to a dozen drawings simultaneously. The plot server is available to everyone in your office and can plot up to 500 drawings in less than five minutes on a standard Dell T3500 workstation.

Plot Server

Your team will no longer be held hostage to unreasonable deadlines. The CADrenalin Plot server allows the team quickly and easily produce 100s of PDF outputs in minutes. All from one easy to use console.


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