Drawing generation

Drawing generation is a vital part of any project.  Drawings are required at all stages of the project cycle.  For verification, checking and detail design documentation the process of drawing generation is relentless throughout the project.

The advanced drawing generation tools within AutoRoads empower the drafter to quickly generate or update drawings from the AutoRoads database.  If the user is an existing MX user they can leverage their existing style sets and macros to produce plans with 99% visual fidelity when compared to their existing MX output.  All from within AutoCAD (32 and 64 bit)!

As you expect AutoRoads has advanced drawing management capabilities.  The systems manages the drawing data that is created and can quickly and easily update, delete or modify and existing drawing information should it be required.

The following links will open AutoRoads Drawing generation Videos.

Plan Drawing

Long Section Drawing

Cross Section Drawing

Setout Drawing

Display Models