CADrenalin is more than a collection of productivity tools for AutoCAD.  CADrenalin is a drawing delivery platform that helps manage your drawing deliverables, track costs and ensure that you produce consistent high quality output for all your projects.  CADrenalin manages the production of the drawing from start to finish, assisting the user by managing the standards in the background thereby allowing the drafters and designers to concentrate on the project and not on the settings for the system.

The CADrenalin advantage is the ability to focus on producing your design not worrying about configuration and standards.

Cadrenalin Architecture

Project Management

The CADrenalin Project Management system is a unique project control system for drawings.  Each project is broken down into a series of key milestones, and each milestones has a percentage complete associated with it.  Drawings are assigned hours to complete and completion time based on the project milestones, costs are allocated to each drawing based on how long each user is active within each drawing.  All of the tracking is done automatically, requiring no input from the drafters.  At any point the project manager can check the health of the project and examine things like ‘burn rate’ to ensure that the project drawings are on schedule for completion.

Standards Engine

The CADrenalin standards engine ensures that all of your drawings are produced to a constant standard.  All Symbology is predefined to your standards and the system ensures that when a drafter places an annotation item on the drawing that it complies with the standards that you want.

Template Creation

Project Template is an easy process and allows the design office to quickly create a standard project template for any of their clients.  The user is able to define the following:

  • Drawing Templates
  • Standards files
  • Referencing symbols
  • Data links to the Database
  • Text Styles

Drawing Creation

With the defined Project template, the users can easily create new drawings for any predefined project configuration.


Using the Options panel in AutoCAD the user has complete control over the functionality of the standards engine.

Self-Healing Drawings

CADrenalin introduces a new concept to CAD, the Self-Healing drawing.  The user can select to have their drawing checked against one or more standard drawings every time it is opened.  Any variation in standard can be fixed automatically when the file is opened ensuring that all drawings meet the project, or client specification.

Import Symbology

Any standard symbology data can be brought into any drawing at any time.  If a user has inadvertently deleted layers or styles then the Import Symbology function will allow you to bring the lost information back from any other drawing it may be located in.


Powerful Suite of Utilities

CADrenalin comes complete with a series of powerful utilities to enhance the drafting experience.


Utilities such as XRefPlus, which manages not just the Reference files attached to your drawing, but also all of the instances of those references.  In addition you have complete control over other functions such as:

  • Transparency of each reference file.
  • Object snapping can be turned off for individual reference files.
  • Select ability can also be controlled for individual reference files.
  • Individual instance management, allowing the user complete control over every inserted instance of a reference file.
  • Draw Order can also be controlled, allowing the user to specify the order that each individual reference is displayed in.
  • XRef States can also be controlled and saved allowing the user the ability to restore the loaded state of the reference files at any time.

Xref Plus


MviewPlus is the CADrenalin enhanced version of MView that serious designers have been waiting for all this time.  MViewPlus enables the user to create perfectly scaled viewports with a couple of clicks.  Viewports can be defined in Paper space, and also in Model space.

Mview Plus

Database Logging

At the backend of CADrenalin in a powerful SQL database for storing all the drawing information.  CADrenalin logs all plots, edits, revisions and title block data into this external database.  Database logging allows the system to track progress, and control production and quality of the final drawings.

Title Block Management

Drawing title block data is all managed within a database, ensuring that the information is consistent across each drawing on the project.

Revision Control

Drawing Revisions are controlled and managed through the database

Fleet Management

CADrenalin stores information about every computer it is running on.  Enabling the CADD manager to access a complete inventory of each CADD machine and full specifications, including items as:

  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Video Card
  • Number of monitors
  • Model
  • Speed

Using this data the CADD manager can plan and schedule upgrades, identify issues with existing deficient hardware and ensure that the entire team are running on a consistent hardware platform.

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