Duke Systems leverage People, Process and Platform to unleash the best from your technology based solution.

People Process Platform

People are important because they are your team members, your users, they create value, drive innovation and through their work represent your business.  Platform is the combination of hardware and software that makes up your IT infrastructure.  Process is the business methodologies that you rely on daily to run your business.  All three of these items must be equally considered when implementing any new solution.

CADrenalin – work on the project, not on the system.

Use the drawing delivery platform that manages your drawing deliverables, tracks your costs and produces consistent, high quality output for all your projects.

CADrenalin Plot Server – let the system plot your drawings.

Unleash the full potential of your hardware to plot 12 drawings at a time and up to 500 in 5 minutes.

CADrenalin Consulting – customize, integrate and educate

  • CAD Consulting
  • BIM Implementation and process design
  • ProjectWise Consulting
  • CAD customization
  • Systems Integration