Design is the fundamental cornerstone of every piece of Infrastructure.  The tools designers use help to shape the built environment in which we all life.  At Duke Systems we are passionate about three fundamental methods of design:

  1. Element based geometry we believe provides the best my drivable solution for transportation corridors.  End of Story.  We believe this is because it empowers the designer maximum flexibility to fit and thread his design through the existing constraints within the project boundaries.  I.P. based methods cannot come close to the functionality and control available to the design professional with an element based system.
  2. String based design as opposed to template based design provides almost unlimited flexibility to the designer.  Enabling the designer to vary and adjust each individual component as they require.  computationally more intensive, but infinitely more flexible we have worked hard to make the calculations as efficient as possible speeding up all parts of the design process.
  3. Input file based design has one huge advantage over traditional design functionality and that is the infinite repeatability.  Using Input files the user can tweak and adjust their design and re-run part, or all of it in seconds.  Whole models can be deleted and recreated at the push of a button.  We liked the concept so much we extended it and created an input file editor that is actually linked to the database, allowing the designer to drill down into it as he works without the need to switch back and forth.

The following links will open AutoRoads design Videos.

Alignment design

String design

Triangulation and contouring