AutoRoads is a new AutoCAD based civil engineering design program for Civil Engineers and Designers.  AutoRoads utilizes a string based design methodology to create the elements that make up an Interstate, highway or road, this allows for unlimited flexibility and versatility.

At Duke Systems we passionately believe that the two main technology drivers for large and small businesses will be BIM methodologies and Collaborative working.  That’s why we’re working hard to provide the Civil world with just that.  The AutoRoads database has been engineered to allow for extended data to be attached to any string.  We have also added construction sequencing data to each point so that you can define what gets built and at what time.  In addition, the next release will enable cloud project collaboration, where geographically dispersed individuals, companies and project teams will be able to work simultaneously on the same project as if they were in the same room.

Key Features:

  • Written in .NET with full 32 and 64 bit compatibility.
  • Full binary compatibility with Bentley Systems MX Model file .
  • Input files compatibility.
  • String based design methodology
  • Element based horizontal and vertical design.
  • Triangulation and contouring.
  • Import and Export options. (incl. 12da, XYZ, LAS, DEM).
  • Full suite of drawing creation tools.
  • Flexible sectioning, Dynamic and static.  Sectioning of String models and also 3D drawing content.
  • Advanced reporting functionality.

The following links to highlight the functionality and tools within AutoRoads

Drawing Creation




So where are we at now? Right now a lot of the tools are written and working.  This is the first step on a journey to create the best, most flexible civil design tool on the market.  Written by designers, for designers, just like it should be.

But we need your help and feedback, we want you to download the package and try it out, tell us what doesn’t work, what you don’t like, oh and also what you do like. As a member of our Alpha team you will be eligible for benefits when the package is finally released to the public.

AutoRoads = String based design + BIM + Collaborative