AutoCAD customization and development

Adsk_ADN_AuthorisedD_M_Color_BlkAutoCAD and Revit applications offer superb functionality out of the box, but sometimes a tailored solution is required to help you do things you do better.  Customization can have tremendous benefits to your productivity and bottom line.  We deliver customized solutions to our clients that extend the functionality of their Autodesk applications to help them deliver.

We undertake customization and development in a managed way to meet you delivery and budget expectations. Our six stage process is done hand in hand with our clients so your expectations are met.

  1. Initial consultation
  2. Preparation of functional specification.
  3. Agreement on application storyboard
  4. Initial programming
  5. Functional testing
  6. Release to client

Application development can be done either with the .NET framework, custom menus and lisp applications.

Duke Systems is a registered Autodesk developer.